Kronborg Castle can be seen fra Marienlyst Mansion. It's located only 10 minutes walk away.
Welcome as our guest

Marienlyst Mansion was built in 1980 and was conceived as an extension of Hotel Marienlyst, but today all the apartments in Marienlyst Mansion are privately owned. There are various sized apartments, with mainly one bedroom located on the ground floor and 2-4 bedroom on the first floor.

Now a day Marienlyst Mansion is managed by an independent board of directors under the name E/F Marienlyst Palæ.

Marienlyst Mansion opens the doors for hundreds of visitors each year and we are very pleased to invite you into our holiday paradise. Some of the flats are leased through bureaus and others through private initiative. However, it is far from all apartments that are being rented out, as many of the owners themselves use their flats regularly, especially in the summer months. This helps to give Marienlyst Manison a cozy feeling, where the owners maintain and nurse for our big house. The owner association is very active and committed to care for our unique place, so it can be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Therefore, we ask all guests to take good care of our house. Wipe of you shoes to show consideration for our beautiful carpets. Enjoy the fireplace lounge and read a book from the library, but please put things back again. Do not smoke indoor as everyone in the house will be able to smell it. And please keep noise down after 11pm, so no late party.

All in all, we ask you to treat the house as if it was your own. Mi casa es su casa.

Below you will find practical information including the house rules.

Practical to know


Hoist delivers WiFi to the palace and, in case of problems / crashes, can be contacted by phone 45860203 or email


Hoist delivers TV to both the hotel and the palace. For questions or errors please contact Hoist on phone 45860203 or email

Here is the folder about the TV package.

TV-Ppackage as PDF

Available in the library in the hall.


There are 2 washing machines and 2 dryers, both for coins. The large machine can also be used for washing duvets and pillows. Prices are shown in the list in the laundry room.

Please only use the machines between 8am to 8pm.


There is free parking in the entire area – also at the hotel.

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Bag Marienlyst Hotel ligger Marienlyst Palæ.